Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Strings Review

I recently changed the strings on my old Double Bass, which has a very rich, deep resonant tone. It also happened to have been converted to 5-string a few decades ago. This bass has been a delight to use with the string section in the studio.


I have been really enjoying the Bel Cantos set of strings that I currently had on it. I was just going to order them again, however during a large string session which required four Double Basses, I mentioned that I was about to purchase a new set of strings, and the two other bassists from the Nashville Symphony highly recommended the Pirastro Passione strings. They had them on their basses and really liked them.


I called Pirastro to talk about these strings, and after they looked at my website and what I do, they recommended that I try their new Flexocor Deluxe Strings. I took their advice, and I am glad that I did. These are absolutely wonderful strings! From the moment my bow touched the strings I was sold. They are powerful in all registers, and noticeably louder then my Bel Cantos strings.

The intonation is rock solid and easy to discern, but with a rich tone. These strings speak immediately! Articulation has never been easier for me, particularly on the low strings. I also really like the pizz sound. The fundamental is quite strong and the attack has a nice point to it. I don't think that I could be more pleased at this point with these strings. They even tell me that they last longer because of the steel rope core.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything.

- Craig Nelson